Fix: BeReal Not Uploading Issue

Are you looking for an simple way to fix bereal not uploading issue. The step-by-step guide on this post will show you how to fix bereal not uploading issue.

The BeReal app’s popularity is fastly increasing day by day, isn’t it? After doing this steps you can easily fix the not uploading issue.

Hey guys my name is karlos and I have been using bereal app from the time when it was released on the playstore and I know all the tricks and tips of the app and I can easily help you with this problem.

Fix: BeReal Not Uploading Issue

Why is BeReal Not Uploading?

Why is BeReal Not Uploading?

There are somany reasons behind this such as:

  • Your device may not be compatible with BeReal app.
  • There may be some bug or a glitch in BeReal app.
  • You haven’t updated the BeReal app.
  • The app is having some server issues.
  • There is a problem with your network connection.
  • Your device doesn’t have enough storage or space

These are one of the main reasons the bereal app not uploading on your android or ios device.

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How To Fix BeReal Not Uploading Issue

How To Fix BeReal Not Uploading Issue

Follow these tips to fix the not uploading issue I am 100% sure that you can easily fix the issue by following the tips given below:-

1. Check your Internet connection

First of all check your internet connection is good if it is poor it may be the reason for the issue. you can try switching to nearby wifi or any other convenient internet connection nearby.

2. Clear Cache

Sometimes the app doesn’t work because of all the data stored in the app. Try clearing the app cache by going to Profile setting Other > Then click on Clear Cache.

After that then turn off your data and turn on data and it work properly.

3. Log out From the app

Try logging out from the app by go to settings and then click on the logout option and login after log outing from the app and turn off and on mobile network.

4. Update your BeReal App

Sometimes your are using the older version of the app and that may be the reason for that. You can update the app from the play store in android and from AppStore in iPhone.

5. Delete And Reinstall The BeReal App

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the bereal app you can simple uninstall the app by going to the setting then apps and find bereal app there and you can see the uninstall option there. After uninstalling the app go to playstore in android and appstore In iPhone and install the app.

6. Send Mail To BeReal Support Team

You can mail the bereal support team and tell the issues you are facing with the app. I have given the mail id below:

Mail ID:-

These are the tips to fix the bereal not uploading issue i hope the issue is fixed with the help of the tip given above.


After reading this post you can simply fix bereal app not uploading issue. I hope this post solved the problem you are facing. If you have any doubts or questions you can comment below.



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