BeReal App Not Working: Fix the Issue

Hello, guys are you looking for a solution to fix the bereal app not working? In this post I have given the solutions to fix bereal app not working all you have to do is follow the steps givenin this post.

As you guys know the BeReal app’s popularity is increasing day by day, isn’t it guys? After doing the steps you can easily fix the app not working issue. Don’t worry guys you guys are not alone. A lot of other people also facing the same issue.

BeReal App Not Working: Fix the Issue

Why BeReal App Not Working?

As you guys know the app is new and there are somany bugs and glitches in the app and there are several reasons behind the bereal app not working. When so many people are trying to add photos its says upload failed and other things. And there are some other issues the users are facing in the app.

How to Fix “BeReal App Not Working”?

How to Fix “BeReal App Not Working”?

Follow the steps give below to fix the app not working i have given all the solutions to fix the issue i hope after trying all the steps you guys can easily fix the issue. Try the steps given below:-

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Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The main reason may be the poor internet connection you are using, try to use wifi near you place or use a high speed internet connection.

Fix 2: Restart Your Device

There may be an issue with your device so restart the device my pressing the power button for 3 second and click on the restart button, after the restart is complete open the bereal app and it will work fine.

Fix 3: Update BeReal App

You may be using the older version of the app and that may be the reason so go to appstore in iphone and playstore in android and search bereal app and update the app.

Fix 4: Clear the BeReal App Cache

If you are using iphone you have uninstall and install the app and if you are using android you can clear cache without uninstalling the app by going to settings> then click on app management> then open bereal app > click on clear cache button. Thats it after doing this open the bereal app

Fix 4: Wait until BeReal Solves the Issues

There may be some issues with the bereal servers so you guys have to wait unitil the bereal team solves the issues. All you have to do is wait thats it.


After reading this article you can easily fix bereal app not working . I hope this post solved the problem. If you have any doubts or questions you can comment below.

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